Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Whats Really Goin' Down!

(I think most liberals might agree with 4/5 of this, but just jump off when talking about an "intolerable world order")

Fidel Castro Calls for Unity to Ensure Surviva

Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, Jun 29 (Prensa Latina)

Cuban President Fidel Castro has called for unity in order to survive, in the context of the looming crisis due to the politics of waste of developed countries.

During a meeting here on Wednesday to discuss the creation of PETROCARIBE, the Cuban leader said that problems in the world have mounted up due to a merciless plundering of the third world, unequal exchange, debt and other phenomena.

In view of the world energy crisis, he likewise considered unity and integration between countries essential, and the only path leading to a better future. Everything unites us, but we have been divided, subjected to intervention, humiliated and exploited, the Cuban President said.

He also warned of the tragedy a depletion of oil may mean, and recalled that the reason behind the US invasion of Iraq was not the terrorist action against the Twin Towers in New York, but rather the conquest of energy.

Referring to the high costs of other sources of energy such as thermonuclear, he wondered if there is any hope for Africa and Latin America to develop these technologies.

He considered the current critical situation has been caused by the developed countries' lack of responsibility, and the establishment of an unsustainable, intolerable world order.

The crisis is not only in the field of energy, he said. It includes food production, soil erosion and the likelihood of a nuclear war due to a lack of responsibility, which may lead to an endangering of humankind's survival.


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