Thursday, May 12, 2005

Finally, The Media Catches On to a Scandal - thanks to Castro

Documents Link Cuban Exile to Bomb Plot
Los Angeles Times (subscription), CA

"Plane bomber" was CIA agent
BBC News, UK 

Terror suspect was CIA informant
Washington Times, DC 

Terrorist suspect seeks asylum in the US

Cuban exile presents challenge for US in fighting war on terrorism
Kansas City Star, MO 

Fidel Castro Calls March Demanding Action on Terrorist in US
Periódico 26, Cuba

Meanwhite editorials from the New York Times, International Herald Tribune, France and even papers in Florida have condemned the lack of action by the Bush Administration, despite its apparent frequent discussions about it (Newsweek). And what I called a great irony a few days ago (the $1 million bounty placed on the head of Tupac's aunt, political prisinor Assatta Shakur, who has lived in Cuba for the last 26 years), may not have been a coincidince at all. Sources say that the Bush people may have actually made that move as its response to these increasingly loud noise about the 16-year CIA agent/terrorist, Jeb Bush tied, Cuban-exile leader Luis Posada Carriles' US asylum bid - after weaseling out of prison twice.


Blogger Mark D. Glesne said...

All this and yet here you sit: Living in America, working in America, paying taxes to the Bush administration, helping fund our military, etc.

Face it Matthew, America will never be like Cuba. If that's the country you wish us to be, your best chances are to just move there.

But then again, I'm still waiting for all the Hollywood types and loud-mouthed liberal types to actually follow through with their "threats" and move to Canada because Bush was reelected.

All of us speak about what we believe ... very few actually do something about it.

8:58 AM  

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