Monday, October 04, 2004

Che Hits the Big Screen
On the whole Che as an enigmatic icon thing that mainstream rags love to write such as the LA Times' "Keeping Che Alive -- With Capitalism." The gist: that Che's combination of good looks, untimely demise and anti-authoritarianism must explain the lingering global facination with Che - and that Capitalism's lazy standards has ironically facilitated such a role. This is because his ideas were (self-evidentally) rigid, stupid and wrong.

For the millions of us around the world who choose Che as our personal model and political symbol, I can not tell you what a load of crap that is. We don't wear Che shirts because it's sexy or in style now (though i'm not denying that this exists). Those of us who have read his thoughts and are paying attention today knows why his ideas are soo important. The Hemisphere is still dominated and only Cuba has managed to house, feed, care for and teach all is residents. It is not just that he took up arms in revolution - it was the model of self-sacrifice and total dedication to the possibility of the moment. Capitalism has not won, it bowled over competing ideas for 20-30 years - and the record is clear - there has been no decrease of poverty in Africa and Latin America and Eastern Europe is worse off since becoming free. Wars are increasing and international cooperation is on the wane. Socialism may not be a pancea, but it has proven to be honest, to transform lives for the positive and to be just. It respects the dignity of man and treats the poor as a true brother.

As the experiment below shows (don't click), we're trying to figure out Audioblogger. I thought I was misunderstanding the whole phone thing, but guess not. Expect the finest broken soul jazz beats and rhymes.


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