Thursday, August 20, 2009

Anti-Cuba Terrorist Gets Pay Day From US Courts... Again

Once again, a US Judge has ordered that millions of Cuban dollars be paid to the family of someone we would call a terrorist today (they might have been called "soldiers of fortune" or mercenaries in the 60s). This is a man who carried out "bombing runs" against civillian positions in Cuba with his refurbished B-25 bomber. The man was, not surprisingly, connected to the CIA.

The judgement was based, without a hint or irony, on recent US anti-terorrism legilation. The money used to pay for the absurd judgement is from fees Cuba pays for telephone service with the US. There are more than $250 million dollars that we confiscated from the Cuban people. More than $100 has been awarded to families of terrorists thus far.

Not sunk in yet? Consider the reverse situation. In the 1960's lets pretend that a mad Cuban went on bombing runs over Louisiana, targeting our oil refinaries. Then 45 years later Cuba decides to award millions of US dollars confiscated illegally to the families of those bombers. Would Americans be a little upset? Cubans are, unfortuantely, used to such injustice from its neighbor to the North.

From the Bangor Daily News
A Maine court has found the Republic of Cuba guilty of the wrongful death of an American veteran believed to have been shot down while on a covert mission over the island decades ago.

In finding in favor of Stockton Springs resident Sherry Sullivan, Waldo County Superior Court Justice Jeffrey Hjelm granted her damages of $21 million plus interest. Sullivan is the daughter of Geoffrey Sullivan, whose plane is believed to have disappeared over Cuba in October 1963.
The last known sighting of Geoffrey Sullivan was when he took off from Mexico in a twin-engine plane accompanied by Rorke.

A month earlier, Sullivan and Rorke had allegedly taken part in a bombing run over Cuba in a refurbished B-25 bomber. That daring act received widespread newspaper coverage at the time, and both men were identified as being involved.

The official story was that their plane disappeared somewhere over Central America, but Sullivan believes he was held in a Cuban jail for at least a decade and later executed as a spy. She was 5 years old when her father disappeared and has been investigating his fate for decades. The Department of Veterans Affairs has listed Sullivan as “missing in action.”

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