Monday, March 03, 2008

Colombia Commits Crime, Chavez Defends Latin Dignity

So for 12 hours, the world has been told (by everyone from CNN to my local LA news channel) that South America is on the brink of war. Why they mouth this lie is beyond me, but probably is an indication of how messed up American media views on that Continent have become.

Chavez is certainly bold, and he has chosen to put Venezuela's arm around its hermano Ecuador. It is a gesture that is not without risks but I feel Colombia will get the intended message - don't dare try that foolishness again. Sovereignty is the one thing everyone understands in Latin America. Even "moderate" "US friendly" folks like French Pres. Sarkozy called the death of Reyes "bad news," while Chilean Pres. M. Bachelet is "demanding and explanation."

The timing of the assault was probably not related to the military action nearby in Colombia, as Uribe's Govt. claims. Are we to believe that FARC would suddenly be that stupid to endanger an important leader by the need to take pot shots at aircraft at least a mile away (and with what weapons) and then go to bed (all killed were in their skivvies)?

Reyes was probably found by the US (or US equipment) and the attacks were related to the recent release of 4 more (quite important) hostages, orchestrated (without uribe's permission) by Chavez. This news increased the pressure by the hostage families on the Uribe Govt. to negotiate with FARC in order to get more of the releases (and even a peace agreement) they've dangeled out there.

But Uribe has no desire for an end to the status quo, where (right wing) narco para-militaries get (at worse) a negotiated couple years in plush facilities and get to keep control of the drugs, money and power - while the left is systematically mowed down. Meanwhile, Uribe has thetop Judge investigating it all (probably killing any he chance for a US Congressional approval of their pending free trade deal).

Uribe has a criminal mentality. No regard for law, which is explicit about armed incursions into another country - let alone unleashing the devastation he did. Need proof? Read any of the previous buried stories I featured here. You can find that 1) Uribe's campaign manager was the country's top importer of cocaine's principal chemical, 2) there are pictures of his brother with one of the leading narcos of the time, 3) his father's helicopter was found at a cocaine lab, 4) the FBI wanted him, 5) there are even very serious accusations of him being instrumental in Escobar getting his hands on airplanes and aviation licenses as head of that Ministry in the 80s... but he's the good duy in Latin America we are told.

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Evidence of collusion and high level collaboration between FARC and Chavez:

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