Monday, May 21, 2007

Sicko a Hit, Cuba a Supporting Role

Check an early trailer preview

After opening to a seemingly raucous crowd at Cannes, the first US reviews of Michael Moore's "Sicko" are in. And I'll be damned if there is one remotely negative one in the lot. Fox News called it "brilliant," Variety, Salon, NY Times and even EW and Ain't it Cool News were just as effusive. It's a "different" Moore they say - in addition to being "insightful," "uplifting" and "emotional."

Some say the movie has the potential to be bigger than Inconvenient Truth and F 9/11 (it's opening in twice the theaters as F911). I have to say I quite enjoy the irony that this might be thanks, in some part, to our insane Cuba policy, which has given the film an added media buzz.

Maybe while questioning all that we've been told about socialized health care, people will wonder why the real reason why we still treat socialist Cuba so brutally in 2007? US politicians and corporations is still very much scared of socialism. A true second chance at universal health care may well be in America's cards because of a film - and a good 2008 election.

Not to mention the whole Cuba episode makes the US a big hypocrite on "freedom" and "free speech" in the minds of the world...



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