Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Posada Carriles: Terrorist Now Bush's Problem

I guess the legal lesson of the Posada affair, thus far, is the US Government can torture all it wants but not use trickery on terrorists. The decision, by Bush appointee, (Latin American studies major) Judge Kathleen Cardone is a real doozy. Anyone who cares about the US Justice system should read the BS peddled here. The first line in the Background section sets the tone: "Defendent is a 79 year old Cuban national who has spent his life opposing Fidel Castro." The only time we read about Posada's terrorist past, the Government was apparently "fishing."

The dismissal seems to rest squarely on a supposed poor government translation of interview tapes. But the examples she cites are so pathetic as to wonder how she can get away with this. Nevermind the fact that both Posada and his lawyer were billigual, so the supposed issue was moot anyhow.

You really have to wonder what went on here. Her decision portrays DOJ and Immigration officials as professionals, asking professional and important questions about Posada's past - as they were required to do in order to assess good moral character. She says the officials didn't even have the right to question him, because his crime in Panama precluded naturalization already. She dismisses the words of the competent USCIS official who says a pardon and US army record allow for special consideration.

But the decision may end up creating more attention and put even more pressure on Bush, who has so far evaded responsibility. Now the government has a decision to make. Who will win; the CIA, FBI, DOJ or the Bush Administration lawyers?



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