Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Cuba: Salvador Gonzalez, Painter of the Alley

This post was inspired by the great Cuba flickr set up over here. I saw a picture of the unbelievably painted Callejon de Hamel (or Hamel's Alley) in Centro Havana. It is a place you have to see to believe. All praise due to the artist and mastermind Mr. Salvador Gonzalez.

Check out a five minute video tour.

Visitors can find products related to Afro-Cuban works and rites. This place is also a space of interaction between art and community due to the festivals organized with the participation of children and neighbors of the area. Every Sunday alley concerts/parties/Santeria rites take place.

The man himself. Salvador Gonzalez - buy his art here.

The Havana barrio where this is located is called Cayo Hueso - the Cubanized version of Key West, because a lot of transient tobacco famers settled in the neighborhood 100 years ago.

In the Hamel alley art is made by ordinary tools and materials, and show images and representatives of the African beliefs.



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