Tuesday, February 28, 2006

US Distrust of Democracy Clear at UN

The US thought they could strong-arm the world into accepting a revamped UN Human Rights Commission based on a neo-con's fantasy. But it appears we're finding ourselves out in the cold in our opposition to a draft set of HRC reforms that's been developed. Bush's aims are clear - to turn the Commission into a tool of US foreign policy. He wants to shrink it (easier to manipulate), and give a minority vote the ability to veto the majority's country selections. The few countries that dare to call out the hypocrisy of the world's most blatant, yet untouchable human rights abuser must never be allowed to be in the discussion (Cuba, Syria, Libya). it's in teresting that no newspaper or anyone cites the hell-holes that are Azerbaijan, Ethiopia, Honduras, Nepal, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Dominican Rep., etc. - where people actually DIE every day do to a lack of regard for human rights (torture, hunger, disease, homelessness).

The problem for the Bush Admin. is that they don't like the results of democracy at the world level (regional nations previously voted to select the Commissions reps.). Too many pesky countries dare challenge our one-sided assumptions. That is why they've already took the voting power away from the regions. But this is not enough, nor is a majority vote in the General Assembly. it must be two-thirds says Bolton. But the world sees the problem as the unethical arm-wringing and blackmailing they see the US engage in over and over again. They don't want might to make right, nor do they understand the waste of effort the US exerts on Cuba every year.


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