Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A Tale of 2 Disasters

Cubans receive food and water from government and neighborhood relief crews.

Western Cuba and Havana got flooded just as much as anywhere else, but:

1) No one was killed in Cuba, there were at least 10 in Florida, 6 in Mexico and 12 in the Carribean.
2) There is calm in Cuba, while there's widespread looting in Mexico and mounting frustration in So. Florida.
3) 90% of the power is back on in Cuba, while 2.6 million people in Florida are without power.
4) Cubans are getting food and water rations at the Bodega and from government trucks, while Chertoff admits there's not enough food, water, gas or ice.
5) Cubans are gathering falled fruits and vegetables from their flooded fields, while in the US they'll be left to rot for insurance money, plus costs will rise in the wake.

Still the Miami Herald chooses to ignore all of this and instead runs a story about how salt is going to ruin the 70% of Havana's "precarious" housing stock. They never mention that the 70% figure for Havana encompasses housing in mostly FAIR condition. And they must mention how 1,400 buildings must be vacated and demolished each year. I wonder if the Miami Herald has EVER published the number of Miami units that get demolished every year (4,000) or the number of Miami residents who "can not afford" their housing (50%) according to FIU.


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