Monday, September 12, 2005

Red-Green Coalition Set to Rule Norway

Ok, it's about as far from the "South" as you can get, but it is the nation of (the majority) of my ancestors, so it gets some props here. The left-wing Labor Party had ruled Norway for most of the post-War years, reponsible for the creating one of the most generous welfare states around (#1 on the UN's human development index, see below). But they had been ouut of power for a while to the right, who while not screwing up royally irked enough people with their (symbolic) pro-Iraq invasion policies, tax-cuts for the rich and ignoring of the safety net. Norweigens made clear they are not content to rest on their laurels, and want even more social benefits. Who can blame them, once they've had a good 40 year taste of multi-year maternity leave, free child care and all the rest. Labor wil join the Green Party, the Socialist Left Party and probably even the Communists in new Government, based on early eleciton results.

Read about it in UK's The Independent


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