Friday, June 17, 2005

Just 100 More Games Ozzie

With 100 games left in the MLB season, my Chicago White Sox remain the team with the best record in baseball. For the first 2 months they were doing it with starting pitching and Ozzie-ball. Now, coinciding with the return of Big Frank Thomas, they are hitting more homers (5th in the league) but the pitching is 10th in the AL in June (Frank has 4 hrs in 21 ab).

I have been bragging and boasting enough this season, to fake modesty now. I just hope for the train to keep together, and that the loose parts continue their solid play... great to see the bottom of the order's average coming up. It seems the fans are finally showing up in decent, but still disapointing numbers. I wish I was there, I swear I'd go every night. Such is the thinking when you move from your hometown just as only sports team you really give a F about, is doing this.

I might just also add that one could be making a killing on betting White Sox. They continue to be so underplayed in the popular mindset, and therefore national odds, that up til now we were underdogs in San Diego and even against Cleveland and the A's... and modest favorites in most others. I am convinced the way to gamble is to gamble against America's instincts It is just coincidince that seems to be a theme of this blog :).

Next we got 18/24 games at home. We got a nice Dodgers series, and while the media will be focussed on last years World Series in Boston, this years match-up might be at 35th and Shields.


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