Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Miami Newspaper Allows Cuban Terrorist to Write Editorial

Orlando Bosch, when asked about a plan he blew up with 77 innocents inside said, "We were at war with Castro, and in war, everything is valid.”

Notorious Cuban terrorist Orlando Bosch was given a platform in the "respectable" Diario Las Américas - a rag that can be found in all Latin American airport sand Mariott hotels. Bosch should not need an introduction as he is the Western Hemisphere's Bin Laden - known for being arrested for shooting a bazooka at a Polish freighter, for bragging about downing an airplane killing 77 and for killing a Chilean diplomat on the streets of Washington DC.

Like Posada, Bosch is a free man - pardoned by Bush's dad for his handiwork. His presence shows how the CIA runs America. For el Diaro to print the words of a cold hearted killer like Bosch is sickening. His career puts Posada Carriles to shame...

Write them and tell them they are an affront to American values and should pack up and go back to Cuba.

Diario Las Américas
Por la Libertad, la Cultura y la Solidaridad Hemisférica

2900 N.W. 39 St.
Miami, FL 33142
Estados Unidos

Central Teléfónica: 305-633-3341
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Blogger jsb said...

"His presence shows how the CIA runs America"

If the CIA actually ran America, they would have run you out of here a long time ago.

12:38 PM  
Blogger Mambi_Watch said...

The man is irrelevant.

And, this is not the first time this has happened in the editorial pages of Miami. This past January (19th) El Nuevo Herald published an editorial by Bosch concerning the federal detention of Posada Carriles.

Orlando Bosch is considered a hero by some in Miami, but I wonder if this is enough to allow him columns in local papers.

Why not give him a TV show? I would watch it. I love comedies.

10:40 AM  
Blogger jsb said...

Off-topic, a young man, about your age, Matthew, who was arrested as a "pre-determined social danger" just died in prison as he was denied medical attention. Do you support arresting people who think differently than you? ...cause that's his only crime. He disagrees with you, Matthew, but he did nothing to harm the regime or the people. Just thought differently. Now he's dead. And his name, and I hope you'll remember this name, is Geovany Figueroa Rodríguez. Let me say it again, Geovany Figueroa Rodríguez. Don't forget him. He's one in the long list of victims whom people like you have supported incarcerating for nothing. Hasta Victoria Siempre, ey Matt?

7:02 AM  
Blogger leftside said...

If the story, as reported in the Miami publication, is true then it is indeed quite sad. It appears the individual was seen by medical staff the day before he died and the required medications were not immediately available. They must have been ordered however, as they were distributed to all prisoners in the jail with hypertension in the days following.

Of course, none of us can know if the story is true, if the patient died of some other complication or whether the drugs would have worked. Nor can we know why the drugs were missing in this case and who is to blame. In my quick bit of reasearch, I can tell that more than 400,000 Cubans receive dosages of the drugs per year. So they are regularly available.

While we are talking prison health accidents, let's talk about the US for comparision. Did you know the State of California prison health system was taken over by the Feds because the for-profit state contracted system killed dozens of prisoners (an average of 64 needless deaths a year). Or what about this murder of a Guatemalan immigrant by a NY cop charged today? Or check out this very similar story out of Isreal in yesterday's Haeretz. How about this passage from the Lancet medical journal posted today by the BBC regarding US medical treatment at Gitmo:

The Lancet noted that no US medical worker had been charged with any serious offence but that there were "numerous instances documented including fraudulent record keeping on detainees who have died as a result of failed interrogations".

Does Steve Biko ring a bell? Doctors coveing up murder?? Let's see how many US media outlets run this story... it is mostly international at the moment.

I could go on, but I hope you udnerstand my point.

6:32 PM  
Blogger jsb said...

You need a post about Castro's latest essay which claims a missile hit the pentagon on September 11.

6:12 AM  
Blogger Mambi_Watch said...

I wanted to contribute and say that prison conditions throughout the world are grotesque, including Cuba and the US.

The focus on Cuba's deplorable prison system and incarceration of political prisoners is just, but if you want to be HONEST look at the state of prisons around the world and you will see a brutal connection.

The prison system alone is made to be brutal, and generally around the world is left without accountability.

Here in Miami, a recent article came out revealing that 117 prisoners in the Miami-Dade county system (the nation's sixth largest local system) have died in prison since 2000, mostly from cancer, heart attacks, ans "bad living."

But, if you look closer, some of those individuals died from (for example) a ruptured appendix after "jailers thought he was faking", or going into a diabetic coma when insulin was denied, or dying from hypothermia in a psychiatric ward, or cardiac arrest after complaining of chest pains but dying a few days later.

And that's only Miami-Dade county!

Be honest, and look at the bigger picture. But, I share concerns over Cuba's prisons, and believe that a larger social movement that addresses universal grievances will be the only way to solve these problems.

And, about Fidel's reflections, those are shared thoughts by many Americans according to some polls. But, you can counter those thoughts only with facts, and there are facts.

Bosch only provides nothing but selfish pieties.

10:21 AM  

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