Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bush "Morally Outraged" by Venezuela, Cuba

The host of the gathering of Carribean leaders in the White House was the perfefct occasion to give them an earful about who they should be friendly with. Of course they also signed some technical free trade BS, agreed to beef up immigration enforcement and build a facility to hold stray Haitians. What a trip!

Read the reasons the St Kitts minister cites in why Venezuela and Cuba are viewed as vital brothers to the Carribean nations. Or ask yourself who is more "moral," the country that sends thousands of doctors to help the poorest in the region, or the one trying to round up and process them in migration camps?

Tuesday June 26 2007
by Corliss Smithen

US President George W. Bush has told regional leaders that he frowns upon their relationship with Cuba and Venezuela at the just-concluded “Conference on the Caribbean: A 20/20 Vision” between the White House and the Caribbean Community (Caricom).

“The question of our alliances with Cuba and Venezuela arose and President Bush told us, frankly, that he is not pleased with our relationships with those two countries as he considers them to be undemocratic and he was morally outraged by their systems of government,” Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Timothy Harris reported.
“We, in turn, indicated to the president that we had long established relations with both Venezuela and Cuba. Both of them are members of the greater Caribbean and so, in a true sense, they are part of the broader Caribbean neighbourhood and we want a cohesive neighbourhood and we have a vested interest in that.

“We did say to them that both countries have been extremely helpful to us as we pursue our own development agenda and that, for us, development is our key focus in our engagement with these countries and we were concerned with their own ideological imperatives.

“For us, it was bread and butter issues and we pointed out to him that the United States itself had created a vacuum in which these other countries could now come and join to fill the void by the US’ disinterest and lack of support for development programmes for the Caribbean,” Minister Harris said.



Blogger Dale said...

Morally outraged indeed!
Now let me think . . . Let's see now, there once was this harsh severe winter, not so long ago in fact, and many died; the sick, the elderly, the young, anyone who did not have adequate protection from the cold. I recall that the Great State of Venezuela offered to all poor peoples, regardless of where they lived, oil for heating, for homeless shelters, old peoples homes and the like. And guess who rejected that offer . . well of course, that great "moral" leader the good ole USA. And, while sickness and disease raged throughout the region, who was it that placed travel restrictions on Doctors who do nothing more that want to help? Why of course the USA. Not only that but who was it that used and is still using and inflicting untold damage their Depleted Uranium(DU) weapons, the real weapons of mass destruction, poisoning the planet for 4.5 Billion years (that's only the half life), of course once again the USA. Now people, I ask you to make a moral judgement; who is the moral moron here? If you are reading this you are on the internet, so look it up, it's public information, the first Bush was tried and convicted in world court by the International Human Rights Commission, in Japan, for exactly that same point, using DU against Afghanistan and Iraq in the first gulf war. He claims immunity from prosecution as does his son. So, President Chavez, do not fear this "moral" man, you just keep being kind and benevolent to the world. Bringing your people and your neighbors into the 21st Century in a true Moral and Just manner, because you must always remember, there is no valid argument against truth. The only thing that sort of evil can do is throw empty words.

Now, these great moralists have seen fit to complain that it is unfair that they are not getting all of the oil for their coffers from Venezuela. They claim it is morally wrong for Venezuela to claim 60% of her resources and not just 1% that the oil companies begrudgingly were giving. My god, where do these people come from? Ah, yes, I know. . . that great "moral" state the USA. You don't have to believe me, just ask them yourselves. But you better duck.

7:44 AM  
Blogger Rob Rufino said...

los invito a echar una mirada a una visión desapasionada sobre Chavez que hice en mi blog. Se que estarán en desacuerdo con mucho de lo que se dice, espero sus críticas.

Saludos, Rob.

2:25 PM  

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