Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hypocrisy Surrounds Bush Trip to Latin America

Just thought I'd post this "letter to the editor" I wrote this morning regarding another story about the Cuban doctors in limbo in Colombia. I could not help but be struck by the disgusting spectacle of US taxpayer money being used to lure Cuban doctors away from Latin America at the same time we set to use more money to bring a Navy medical team to the region. But Bush expects the people of Latin America to beleive he actually puts their lives over cold-war era politics.

Re: U.S. leaves Cuban physicians in limbo (March 8th Los Angeles Times)

I am appalled that President Bush is promoting the defection of Cuban doctors serving in Latin America by dangling US Visas in front of their noses. Beyond leaving many poor without the only doctor they've ever known, the policy has placed these Cuban doctors in an uncosciousable legal limbo. The fact that hundreds of Cuban doctors are leaving at the same time Navy medical teams are being sent to the region just shows the rank hypocrisy that accomponies Bush's newfound interest in the health and well-being of Latin Americans.



Blogger Fleming said...

There is no greater hypocrite than G.W. Bush!

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