Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Miami: Youth Beaten, Chased by Cuban Exiles for Opposing Terrorism

An ugly incidentin Miami yesterday once again showed that the Cuban-exiles have turned the city into an alternate universe. The madness began in Little Havana Tuesday, when hundreds of Cuban-American protesters openly called for "libertad" and freedom for admitted terrorist mastermind Luis Posada Carriles. When three courageous young men and women raised a banner across the street calling for the plane-bombing murderer to be jailed for such crimes, the mob crossed the street and began attacking the defenseless youth - punching, kicking, chasing them, throwing a megaphone at one's head, then kicking the youths car door in.

Watch the Video of the attack.

The incident occured a few days after a US Federal court refused to charge Carriles with terrorism charges. Instead Carriles was charged with lying to Federal agents and entering the country illegally, which may result in his imminent release. His violent past apparently was of no interest to the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security.

The immigration judge has set Feb. 1 for the U.S. government to declare Posada the terrorist that he is, or he could very well be freed. Alberto Gonzales and the DOJ have yet to declare Posada a terrorist. By their inaction the Bush adminstration is doing its best to harbor and release a well-known terrorist - the Bin Laden of Cuba.

Meanwhile Carriles' accomplice, Santiago Alvarez, who is in prison after admitting to a related weapons charge - had his sentance cut in half (to just 2 years) after providing the location of a large arms cache to Federal officials. It was further disclosed that the Feds have in their posession a recording which the terrorists talk about bombing a nighclub full of people because they had the nerve to put music ahead of right-wing politics.

The weapons turnover came just days after Gilberto Abascal, an FBI informant who was previously tied to Alvarez and Carilles, found a pipe bomb under his pickup truck at his Hialeah home. Last August, Abascal was shot at a Hialeah restaurant. Abascal is a marked man after testifying against his former criminal associates.

What is even more unbelievable that all this is that none of these surreal scenes made news anywhere outside Miami. Not the spector of Ameicans being asked to honk in support of a terrorist, not the dispicable act of crushing freedom of speech, not the hypocrisy on the war on terror, not the miscarriage of justice being perpetrated from on high.



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