Sunday, December 10, 2006

Cuban-American Congresswoman Calls for Castro's Assasination

The top Republican on the House International Relations Committee appears (Ileana Ros-Lehtinen-R Fl) in this clip saying: "I welcome the opportunity of having anyone assassinate Fidel Castro and any leader who is oppressing the people."

But, even despite it being there (on You-Tube) for all to see, the Havana-born lawmaker
claims the filmmakers spliced clips together to get the sound bite.

"It's twisted in a way that gives the viewer a totally wrong impression," Ros-Lehtinen told The Miami Herald. "I've said the community has moved on, that those strategies are not being used today, but apparently the filmmakers think we're still in a '60s mentality."

A spokesman for Ros-Lehtinen said the congresswoman has never called for anyone's assassination, though the politician herself said she can't rule out that she ever mentioned Castro and a potential assassination.

"If someone were to do it, I wouldn't be crying," she said.

Make up your own mind whether this esteemed Congressmoman has pulled another Pat Robertson.


Blogger jsb said...

Meanwhile, the government you support is suppressing innocent people right down to the wire, the last gasp of the dictatorship.

Cuba: Possible prisoner of conscience/ harassment/ intimidation: Ahmed Rodríguez Albacia (m)

PUBLIC AI Index: AMR 25/003/2006
05 December 2006

UA 325/06 Possible prisoner of conscience/ harassment/ intimidation

CUBA Ahmed Rodríguez Albacia (m), aged 21, journalist, and his family

On 4 December, Ahmed Rodríguez Albacia, a journalist for the Cuban-based
independent press agency Jóvenes sin Censura (Youth without Censorship), was
reportedly arrested at his house in Havana by State Security personnel and
National Police officers. He is being held at the police station located at 100
Street and Aldabó Street in Havana. Amnesty International is concerned that
Ahmed Rodríguez Albacia may be a prisoner of conscience, arrested solely for
exercising his right to freedom of expression, association and assembly in the
course of his journalistic work.

According to reports, days before Ahmed Rodríguez Albacia’s arrest, he, his
family and several dissidents who were gathered at his house were subjected to
so-called "acts of repudiation" ("acto de repudio"), demonstrations of
government supporters outside the homes of dissidents and activists, which are
often orchestrated by the authorities. Amnesty International believes that
these "acts of repudiation" could amount to psychological torture. The "acts of
repudiation" started on 29 November, when stones were thrown at Ahmed Rodríguez
Albacia’s house, the roof of his house was set on fire, and some of Ahmed’s
guests were detained for a few hours by Cuban authorities when they left his
house. Stones were repeatedly thrown at Ahmed Rodríguez Albacia’s house
throughout the next two days, and one of his guests who had been detained on 29
November was detained again for few hours on 30 November.

On 15 September, Ahmed Rodríguez Albacia was reportedly arrested at a police
station in Havana after requesting information about another dissident who had
been arrested earlier .He was released on 17 September but police allegedly
threatened that if he carried on with his journalistic activities he would be
detained again.

Freedom of expression and association is heavily restricted in Cuba. All legal
media outlets are under government control and independent media are banned.
Independent journalists who attempt to beat this censorship by publishing
articles outside Cuba face intimidation, harassment and imprisonment. Human
rights defenders also face intimidation and politically motivated and arbitrary
arrests. The laws used to arrest and imprison journalists, relating to
defamation, national security and disturbing public order, severely limit the
exercise of civil and political liberties.

7:29 AM  
Blogger leftside said...

Mr Albacia is a provacatuer who has illegally been sending his "stories" to US or US supported anti-Cuba news organizations (CubaNet) for the past year. He was told in September that continuing this work would land him in jail, as it is clearly against the law. The timing is obviously sensitive in Havana and Cuba has a right to defend itself against tactics taken straight out of the transition report. Cooperating with an enemy who has attacked you for 48 years and wants to enact regime change is not a human right.

10:07 AM  
Blogger jsb said...

Readers of this blog should also watch this video that describes how homosexuals were treated by the castro regime.

11:15 AM  
Blogger leftside said...

JSB, You keep rehashing the same old stuff.

Cuba is not quite a gay paradise yet, but it has certainly advanced past most Latin countries.

Are you unaware of Mariela Castro, Fidel's niece, who is a tireless campaigner for gay and lesbian rights - and is a Minister in the Government?

Or if you want to get more detail, check this article.

10:00 AM  

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