Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Hidden Truths about "Political Persecution" in Venezuela

The masters of the universe have been telling us about a major political "crackdown" happening now in Venezuela, represented by 2 high-profile "political asylum" cases. We are told there is a "wave of indictments and government investigations of the president's most vocal political foes." How the arrest of 11 politicians in recent months is an egregious example of Hugo Chavez's "persecution" of "dissidents." Some allege (like opposition Mayor Antonio Ledezma) that "It is a general political witch hunt that no sector that opposes the government can escape."

Unfortunately, what the press and their masters do not tell us at all is that almost half (5/11) of those who have been charged with corruption are from pro-Chavez parties, including long-time Chavez supporter Juan Barreto. 5 of 9 Mayors are PSUV or Government supporters. That kind of blows up the who argument right there doesn't it? Wonder why the good reporters did not think of telling us that?

Very few US press accounts also mention that Interpol certified the legitimacy of the charges against poster-boy political asylee Manuel Rosales (in Peru as of last week). This verification affirmed, as Interpol's Constitution mandates, that Rosales was not wanted on political charges - but that the evidence against him for corruption is serious.

I guaranteed they didn't tell you the public corruption prosecutor in Venezuela is in a wholly independent branch of Government from Chavez. In fact, they probably said the courts are under Chavez's control. How is that, one might wonder, given the near-total separation of powers in Venezuela's Constitution?

And don't we usually assume that when people flee rather than face their accusers they are guilty of a crime? Rosales blew off the scheduled interviews with authorities to offer his side of the story, but then claims the Government will not listen to him.

But I digress...

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